7 Communication Blockers Every Parent Should Know!

It is a fact that the communication gap between a child and a parent is extremely harmful when it comes to the development of the kid.

It is of prime importance to converse freely with the children for developing a sense of trust as well as security. Lack of communication between the children and their parents or communication gap can take place when it is not possible for them to comprehend one another in the best possible way and they are not able to communicate properly. At present, the world has become quite advanced. Everybody has become extremely busy and there is hardly any time for effective communication between individuals, particularly parents and their children. However, the time is perfect for parents to learn how to recognize the differences they’re having with their kids and also break those obstacles as soon as possible.

Even though the communication gap between the kids and their parents has become quite common right now, it can be prevented in case you stick to some specific guidelines. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 7 parenting communication blockers and also how to remove them.

Technological gap

Kids have become much more tech-savvy as compared to their parents who are usually not able to comprehend and cope with this digital world which is changing. Consequently, it is not possible for the parents to remain updated with the present trends in the world of teenagers. The lack of parental control software as well as digital knowledge results in lots of misunderstandings between a kid and his parents.

They are unable to become aware of the websites which are accessed by their kids and are not able to track their online behavior in the long run, which is important in this technology-driven world. However, it is the responsibility of the parents to guide their children properly so that they are able to avoid the possible dangers of the Internet.

Having different perspectives or attitudes

At present, the majority of the parents are not in the habit of encouraging new concepts and ideas from their children, and instead, they try to impose their traditional thoughts on them. They simply adopt a straight face and refrain from reflecting on their feelings while conversing with their kids. Apart from this, they also scold their kids and punish them physically as well. All these can make the parents quite irritable in the long run. Some parents are not able to view things from the perspectives of their kids which hamper their communication to a great extent.


Conversing angrily can affect the development of communication blockers between you and your kid. Even though it is natural for a child to become emotional from time to time while conversing, being a responsible parent, you should try to avoid responding angrily as well.

In this way, it will be possible to improve parent-child communication skills successfully by conversing in a polite and healthy manner.

One-sided communication

This is one of the main communication blockers.It is not possible for any communication to move forward without the active participation of both the parent and his child. Examples of 1-sided communication consist of :

  • overlooking the attempts made by your child to communicate
  • refusing to acknowledge his questions
  • making demands
  • providing lectures to your kid without asking him to make some input, and so on.

A communication barrier will be created by making an effort to engage in a one-sided discussion with your kid and this can prevent him from communicating with his parent in the near future.

Not Listening

Communication with your child can also be hampered by a lack of listening skills. In case the child is able to understand that his parent is not listening to him during a conversation, it is less likely for him to go on communicating further with his parent. According to the experts, not listening to what is being said by your kid implies that you are not providing any importance to what he is trying to discuss with you. This will teach them not to converse with you further and he might suffer from loneliness as well.

Not bonding with your kids

One of the essential keys to communicating with children will be to create emotional bonding with them. Try to understand them by spending some time along with them. Make it a point to get rid of all negativity from the conversation.

Do not hesitate to reward them for the good work done by them. Doing this will help to build trust between you and your kid. Make it a point to hug your child and also kiss him quite regularly. Try to show your love by making different gestures such as hugging, patting, kissing, and so on. Emotional bonding is going to break all the communication blockers between you and your child. Friendship does not have any boundaries or limits. Try to make your kid your friend. Make sure to spend a considerable amount of time in each other’s company on a regular basis. For example, you can have a meal together during the day. Or, going through a book together will also be a good idea. Do not allow any barrier to exist between you and your kid.

Not being flexible

Once children will find you to be rigid, they are not going to open up easily. Make the interests of your children your own interests. Since time is always changing, your kids cannot be expected to conform to outdated ways of thinking. You need to be flexible in accepting their ideas. The behavioral patterns of your kids will change as they grow. You need to adapt yourself according to the requirements of your children.


Communication with your children will become easier in case you stick to the guidelines mentioned above. Continue to talk to your kids since they need you. Communicating regularly will bring both of you closer in the long run. Although it might not be possible to get rid of the barriers overnight, you need to be patient. Be honest and sincere in the way you approach. Being an art, you will be able to master communication with time.

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