9 Effective Ways to Help Improve Your Sleep

From sipping warm milk before your bedtime to breathing exercises, Dr Dixa Bhavsar who is an Ayurveda expert gives away some tips to help improve your sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep can have so many positive restorative benefits for our mental health, heart, digestion, and nervous system. It’s easy today to get into some bad sleeping habits with so many distractions that prevent us from getting a night of restful sleep.

Being glued to our phone screens, eating takeaways, not being able to relax the overactive mind, or having a stressful busy day can be some of the reasons we can’t sleep at night. Experts emphasize the importance of getting a good night’s sleep from 10 pm to 5 am for maximum benefits.

Expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar gives tips to help improve your sleep on her Instagram page:

“If you’re someone who finds it difficult to sleep early and have a sound sleep at night (since forever or just post covid), try following these tips, and soon you’ll be sleeping like a baby,” she wrote.

1. Try waking up early in the morning: Try waking up early in the morning.

Starting your day with the sun can help you sync with nature, it will be easier for you to sleep with the moon.

2. Drink warm milk/tea at bedtime: Drink warm milk/tea at bedtime.

Turmeric milk or chamomile tea is soothing to the gut as well as the mind.

3. Practise Alternate Nasal breathing: Practise Alternate Nasal breathing.

Helps you calm down.

4. Avoid using screens (phone) in bed: Avoid using screens (phone) in bed. Staying away from screens helps in the secretion of the melatonin (sleep) hormone.

5. Have a relaxing shower: Takes away the tire of the day.

6. Massage your feet: Provides warmth and relaxes your brain & body.

7. Practice Journaling: Best to let the thoughts out of your brain & onto the better. Takes away so much weight off your heart.

8. Nasya (Instill nasal drops): 2 drops of cow’s ghee in each nostril. Best for sound sleep & headaches.

9. Prayer/Chant/Gratitude: The best way to begin & end your day is through prayer (Gratitude).

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