Alkaline breakfasts: 7 breakfasts of slimness

The main goal of alkaline nutrition is to reduce the acidity of the whole body, however, often people put weight loss first. Although the two goals are not mutually exclusive.

In our article on the alkaline diet, we covered all the benefits and contraindications of such a diet.

If you still decide to try a well-known diet (preferably after consulting a doctor), we recommend you try seven alkaline breakfasts.

7 Healthy Alkaline breakfast recipes you need to check out!

natural yoghurt

Natural Yoghurt (no dyes or additives) and banana.

breakfast with egg and grapefruit

Hard-Boiled Egg and Half a Grapefruit and Fruit Tea.

vegetable salad

Vegetable Salad with Herbs, Seasoned with Lemon juice and a Drop of Olive Oil and Green Tea.

fresh cottage cheese with banana

Fresh Cottage Cheese (fat-free) with Banana and Fruit tea.

fruit salad

Fruit Salad, Honey, Nuts (not walnuts), Green tea. For more weight loss effect, you can use green fruits.

buckwheat porridge with tomato and avocado

Buckwheat Porridge with Cherry Tomato and Avocado.

protein omelette breakfast

Protein Omelette, Apple, Ginger Tea.

Try to limit your intake of refined sugar during your diet.

*The article is for informational purposes only. Before use, you must consult a specialist!

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