Anne-Marie Announces ” The Practical Guide to Taking Care of Yourself and Taking on The World”

The popular singer Anne-Marie shared the news on her socials about her creation: “… taking care of yourself and taking on the world.”

@annemarie: “I’m holding in my hands…the manuscript for YOU DESERVE BETTER!!!! It is complete. I’m so excited to be able to share my book with you and hopefully help you to become the best, happiest version of yourself . It’s out 30th September and you can pre-order through the link in my bio – there are signed copies available too !!”

In her book, the star promises to share “simple tools” that will help you treat yourself with love and respect.

The book “YOU DESERVE BETTER” promises to give you a deeper understanding of mental and physical health… and they are known to be the foundation for success and satisfaction in life. The book is available by pre-order.

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