Blake Lively Launched Her Low-Calorie Soft Drinks!

“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively has released a line of soft drinks. The brand was named Betty Buzz.

At the moment, the actress managed to register a trademark, as well as create a brand’s profile on socials, which quickly gained more than 40 thousand followers on Instagram.

There will be 5 options for sale:

Tonik Water

@bettybuzz: “A refreshing American style tonic water that’s just 50 calories per bottle.”

Sparkling Lemon Lime

@bettybuzz: “Real Meyer Lemon and lime juice, agave and a touch of sea salt. Just 30 calories per bottle.”

Meyer Lemon Club Soda

@bettybuzz: “No artificial flavors or sweeteners. Zero sugar or calories. No typos in this caption.”

Sparkling Grapefruit

@bettybuzz: “Lean on ingredients. Only 60 calories. High in refreshing.”

Ginger Beer

@bettybuzz: “One bottle makes two cocktails. Share at your own discretion.”

The main advantage of this drink is its low-calorie content, and, according to the manufacturer, its natural composition. The drink is free of gluten and artificial sweeteners. It is noted to be suitable for vegans.

@bettybuzz: “Only clean ingredients. Lower in calories. Natural flavors and sweeteners. Crafted in the USA”

We add that Blake Lively does not drink alcohol, considers it dangerous and therefore it is not at all surprising that she was engaged in the production of non-alcoholic beverages.

Her husband, Ryan Reynolds, did not deny himself the pleasure of making fun of his wife’s brand:

Ryan Reynolds:” Luckily they pair deliciously with @AviationGin. Coincidence? Conspiracy? Hard to say.

And the “Wolverine” star Hugh Jackman has already shared his first experience with a new drink!

Hugh Jackman: “This is not an #ad. I wasn’t even asked to record this video. I did it because @blakelively is a class act, sunshine 7 days a week and her new fizzy drink @bettybuzz is delicious.”

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