Cosmetics with gold: How does it work?

Cosmetics with gold is just one of the things that we have been using since ancient times. Some cultures also use gold masks, gold jewelry, and all other products as we know them today. Now, you can also see the increasing population that favors gold with their cosmetics. What many fail to realize is that there is more to gold in cosmetics than meets the eye. Hence, we must take a brief look into how exclusive cosmetics with gold work.

When we see gold, beauty, power, and influence immediately come to mind. It is a common notion that if you have a gold item, regardless of what it is, you have a good investment on hand. It would be especially true even for your skin tone. Gold is one of the rare colors that blend well on any skin color. It highlights the skin color in a similar way that light illuminates other items. Have you thought about how a drop light can accentuate a corner in your home? In the same way, gold also puts into light your skin tone.

It would also be no surprise that cosmetics with gold have gained popularity among today’s generation. Cosmetics have become the best way for the skin to be highlighted. The nice thing about it, too, is that with cosmetics, physical assets such as the face and neck are the ones that immediately capture one’s attention. It explains how gold could accentuate the eye color of a person, cheekbones, or jawline. It can even enhance our skin quality with these products because of the known properties that it carries.

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What are in these cosmetics that make gold a top choice of many individuals?

Gold is a natural element

If you are someone whose skin could get irritated from makeup, exclusive cosmetics with gold are beautiful choices for your skin type. Commonly, the allergic reaction often manifests in hives that can last for hours or, for some, days. Such can cause so much discomfort that it impacts our confidence in walking around with skin breakouts. Since gold is a natural element, the skin does not react to it in any way. It allows the skin to function naturally without impeding its processes like oil production.

The metallic color of gold allows your assets to shine

Gold is known to be a valuable metal that no one can counter. It is commonly associated with the beauty of the moon and the sun because of its yellowish shade that glimmers. It is because of this reason that it was popularly used by aristocrats, monarchs, and people from the higher echelon of society.

The gold color has given a subliminal meaning of aristocracy and power when people see that the facial assets are accentuated with gold cosmetics. In ancient times, kings and queens would not only wear gold jewelry but also use gold in their makeup. It insinuates the power that they carry, especially as their “glowing” image is connected with their gods. In the same manner, you can capture the attention of people if you use gold cosmetics that highlight your facial assets. Some of these could be your strong jawline, the naturally high arch of your brows, or your cheekbones.

Gold is known to be a soft and malleable metal

Originally, malleability would have been a good property if we are to consider gold as jewelry. However, it is also the same property of the metal that makes it good for the skin. Even in small amounts, like cosmetics, gold still serves its purpose of accentuating particular parts of the face or body that you apply it on. As it is also malleable, it can take on a lot of forms and so, can be transformed into different kinds of cosmetic products.

Gold is an excellent conductor

The capability of gold to be a conductor plays a significant part in rejuvenating the skin’s cells. It is from this cellular activity that skin regeneration is encouraged when the gold gets into our skin. Aside from allowing the skin to regenerate, it also enhances the elastic quality of the skin, giving you a younger and healthier glow. It is these benefits that cause more cosmetics and skincare products to be sold in the market.

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With the growing number of skincare products and cosmetics with gold, is there a risk that it could get into our skin?

It is undeniable that more products with gold have been developed and marketed to beautify and accentuate one’s skin and physical features. Such cosmetics continued to be popularly associated with beauty and power that this has become the primary marketing strategy, as well. It made people clamor for the benefits that gold can do for their skin. On the flip side, you might also be asking if gold can get into your skin and irritate it?

There have been studies and reading materials that were released previously about how gold gets into the skin. It is known to be very soft and malleable that it could be crumbled down to the smallest particles that could get into our pores. However, the concluded studies have never presented any kind of data that gold can harm our skin. If anything, it even improves it.

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If gold helps improve our skin, in what form is it utilized?

Cosmetic and skincare products that use gold have been broken down to the tiniest particles possible. In many documents, it is coined as “colloidal” gold, because of how it was finely deduced. Manufacturers banked on its malleability that made them maximize its potentials to help improve the quality of all skin types. You will find that various products use gold in different forms such as powdered gold or could be in liquid form. These products have equally positive effects on the skin that entice more people to use them.

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Choosing between a gold face mask and facial cream with gold could be one of the most difficult decisions to make.

Now, we know how gold could be transformed into minute particles or even converted into fluid or gel form. This discovery now makes it difficult to decide whether to use a gold face mask or facial cream with gold. To help you arrive at a sensible decision, let’s talk about the difference between the two:

People can use a gold face mask could be in powder form and applied to the skin after liquefying it. Letting your skin soak in gold allows its particles to penetrate and reject the dirt and unwanted substances from your pores. At the same time, because gold has proven anti-inflammatory properties, you can be sure that it will not harm your skin at any point. As face masks are recommended to be used about once every week, you can complement it with a facial cream with gold. This would be fantastic to incorporate into your bedtime routine before you retire to bed. This and coupled with a good night’s sleep will certainly encourage your cells to regenerate and, hence, slow down aging. So, instead of choosing between the two products, you can use them to complement each other. Their purposes are unique and yet, geared towards a common goal: make you look more radiant than you have ever been.

Are there any contraindications against using gold for the skin?

Just like any other skin product, cosmetics with gold still come with flags from medical experts. They offer warnings to many who might be allergic to the metal itself. As this may be a rare opportunity, you can test first by using some home kits that you can buy over the counter. You can also assess if you get an allergic reaction to gold jewelry. This would be a quick indicator that it would not be ideal for you to use skin products with gold in them.

Some skeptics say the glowing effects of cosmetics in gold are not really because of the metal. Instead, they claim that it could be influenced by the other elements of the skin that is mixed with it. As this is a constant assumption in many articles or videos, one can still bank on its effectiveness based on how much it was used historically. Old civilizations and cultures have come to use gold for a lot of medicinal and aesthetic purposes. This puts so much value to dispute the negative claims that gold cannot claim credit for the changes you can see from your skin. The glow that you will see is also going to be undeniable.

Exclusive cosmetics with gold continue to grow with more varieties to choose from. You can be certain that human innovation and creativity is bound to come out with more improved products that you can consider. For sure, your skin would have a feast if you can sustain caring for it with only the best that you can find in the market. After all, your health and wellness should be your priority. These are the true gems that no one can take away from you, so no need to deny yourself from getting pampered, especially if you will be picking only top quality products like gold.

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