Do you wash your hair correctly? We bet you don’t know some of the popular mistakes

At first glance, what mistakes can there be when washing your hair? It’s not that difficult. Besides, retail stores offer a wide variety of products for the beauty and health of hair. However, in reality, our hair never looks like it does in the adverts brands show on TV.

Or maybe we do make mistakes when washing our hair? Read on below for our simple tips that your hair will love!

Tip 1. Brush Your Hair Before Washing

We bet many women don’t brush their hair before washing. And why bother doing it?

1. During combing, hairs that have already fallen out remove.

2. A light massage with a comb will allow the beneficial substances of the shampoo or hair mask to work more effectively.

3. The hair combed before washing will be less tangled during washing.

Tip 2. Correct Water Temperature

Hot water makes the hair and scalp dry, flushing moisture out of them, and provokes excessive work of the scalp’s sebaceous glands.

Coldwater does not thoroughly rinse the hair and does a poor job of removing dirt and sebum from the scalp. You can use Cool water to finish washing your hair (already clean).

The optimum temperature should be warm and comfortable for you.

Tip 3. The Right Choice of Shampoo

Use a shampoo that is right for your hair type and condition. Apply shampoo to the hair roots and then spread over the entire hair surface. Give yourself a Light head massage for 3-4 minutes. Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly from the hair.

Tip 4. How Often to Wash Your Hair?

This question is very individual and depends on your skin type.

Frequent shampooing isn’t advised for a dry scalp, and the emphasis when choosing hair products should be on moisturizing.

For an oily scalp, you should cleanse more often. However, washing too often will also develop the “habit” of the sebaceous glands to work harder. Try to increase the interval between shampoos and use “daily use” shampoos as their formulas are lighter.

In general, the best option for washing your hair is 1-2 times a week. For women who used to wash their hair daily, this sounds scary. However, a smooth transition to such a washing schedule will train the scalp to work optimally. Without drying out the hair or provoking sebum production, which will be useful for both dry hair and oily hair.

Tip 5. Like a Hairdresser

Remember how you wash your hair when you visit a beauty salon. You do not have your hair pulled into a high bun at the crown of your head. The hair should be in its natural position when washing hair, and the foam should flow from the roots to the ends and help avoid tangling and trauma to your hair.

Tip 6. Post-Shampoo

Your favourite masks, conditioners and hair conditioners also need to be used correctly:

  • hair conditioner is applied from the middle of the hair length to the ends;
  • trichologists recommend using a hair mask once every 7-10 days;
  • before applying the balm or mask, blot your hair with a towel – removing excess moisture in your hair, your product will work better.

Tip 7. Drying Your Hair

After leaving the shower, many women begin to rub-dry their hair with a towel. It is an aggressive way to remove water that will damage the hair.

Instead of doing that:

  • Wrap your hair with a soft towel to allow the fabric to absorb moisture
  • And then Blot your hair gently with a towel.
  • The best way is to let your hair dry naturally. However, when the time does not permit, of course, use a hairdryer.

And here, too, there are recommendations about the hairdryer.

Of course, the use of a hairdryer saves time and takes part in hair styling. However, maybe you will at least occasionally try to give your hair a break and dry naturally? Making your strands look healthier without masking.

It is quite simple to fix the mistakes made when washing your hair – get into the habit. And we hope that the result will certainly please you!

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