Double Vaccinated People Who Caught the Delta Variant Can Easily Transmit It To the Not Vaccinated People

A new study from Oxford University confirms that the people who have been vaccinated with both jabs can still catch the Delta variant and spread it very easily to those who have not been vaccinated.

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The people who have had both vaccines can spread the virus just as fast as the people who have not been vaccinated. Although the double jabbed population can still catch the Delta variant, they will most likely show mild symptoms or in many cases no symptoms. This makes it difficult to diagnose the patient but also more dangerous as they can pass on the virus to others who have not been vaccinated and can become life-threatening.

The new data comes after research that took place at Oxford University, which as a result of their discovery, suggests that herd immunity is not achievable as vaccines do not prevent or reduce the transmission of the virus.

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Although the virus is easily transmittable which makes the effectiveness of the vaccines seem lower than expected, scientists would like to clarify that with both jabs you still are safe and reduce the risk of hospitalization due to Covid.

The news also has motivated more countries to introduce the booster jab to the people as it ensures protection and has longer-lasting results battling the different Covid variants.

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