8 most famous but unhealthy breakfasts!

In one of our articles on weight loss myths, we wrote about the enormous importance of breakfast for the human body. However, oddly enough, many people skip breakfast for an extra five minutes of sleep or if they are in a rush for work.

Be sure to have breakfast, keep in mind one thing: breakfast should be healthy and satisfy you for a long time.

Nutritionists are increasingly talking about the fact that the ideal breakfast is both proteins and carbohydrate.

Check out the list of famous breakfasts below, can you find your own guilty pleasure among them?

We hope that our article will be useful and that every morning you will start with a healthy breakfast and feel great all day!

Porridge High in Carbohydrates

The cereals you eat for breakfast should also contain fibre, not just carbohydrates. Otherwise, within an hour after breakfast, you will feel hungry again.

High Carbohydrate Porridge:

  • All instant cereals
  • Couscous
  • Semolina

A carbohydrate-rich breakfast is only appropriate if you are going to be very active in the morning, for example, go to the gym or do exercises from home.

If you are used to eating porridge for breakfast, then give preference to buckwheat. This cereal will be much healthier than processed oatmeal, and it contains significantly fewer carbohydrates. Also try quinoa, wild rice, and lentils for their protein content.



We mean natural yoghurt without sweeteners. At first glance, it’s strange, because advertising repeats to us there is nothing more useful than yoghurt for breakfast.

However, the situation needs clarification here. Yoghurt is healthy, but in the morning, the body doesn’t need the help of yoghurt bacteria. Therefore, the benefit of eating yoghurt on an empty stomach is zero.

The function of yoghurt is to aid digestion, so it is better to have yogurt (with no additives) after or between the meal.

When yoghurt or kefir is consumed on an empty stomach, the beneficial bacteria contained in the product, however, get into an aggressive acidic environment and instantly die, even before reaching the intestines. Therefore, there is no point in drinking fermented milk products on an empty stomach.



Is it possible to imagine your morning or your breakfast without a cup of aromatic coffee? Well, most people don’t.

However, for the benefit of your health, it is better not to drink coffee on an empty stomach. As getting into an empty stomach, coffee irritates the mucous membrane, increases the secretion of gastric juice, provokes a useless release of bile, and contributes to the development of gastritis.

rich pastries

Rich Pastries

Well, perhaps the most harmful of the breakfasts is to eat a croissant in the morning and drink coffee. The pancreas automatically reacts to each meal, and in response to carbohydrates entering the body, the hormone insulin is produced.

The more carbohydrates you intake, the more insulin, which is not recommended for the pancreas. It is imperative to maintain a stable blood sugar level and, if possible, avoid a sharp drop in it.

Starting the day with a delicious cappuccino and baked goods can make your blood sugar jump immediately, which will undoubtedly lead to an increase in energy, But for a short period.

Remember, fast jumps are fast falls. Such fluctuations can manifest itself in the form of hunger, which we can feel an hour or two literally after such a breakfast.

An alternative is to use whole grain baked goods combined with protein-rich foods.



They are a source of fast carbs, which means you will soon get hungry again. And if you fill them with syrup or jam, then you will get nothing but a sugar blow to the body.

We have already described above that taking sweets on an empty stomach is a blow to the pancreas. Which is not able to immediately produce the necessary amount of insulin for processing sugars.

A large dose of sugar that has entered the stomach in the morning makes the pancreas work for wear and tear, and a prolonged passion for sweet breakfasts puts the pancreas out of action.

fresh juice


Instead of breakfast? Friends, juice is good between meals, but nothing more. This is by no means an alternative to breakfast. And we remind you: it is better to use natural juice, and not a packaged preservative, which is often sold as juice.


Muesli and Cereal ( Quick Breakfasts)

They contain an insufficient amount of protein and an excess amount of carbohydrates. This means that this is another unwanted guest on your morning table.

Smiling models in advertisements talk about the benefits of a morning breakfast of sweet cereals for the health of the body and a slim figure. In fact, these products do not bring any help as breakfast. In contrast, being a rich source of carbohydrates, quick breakfasts will dramatically increase blood sugar levels, leaving you hungry at lunchtime, which can lead to overeating. The result is weight gain.

fast food

Fast Food

Let’s be honest fast food is not good not only in the morning but in general. You will make nutritionists cry!


So what foods should we eat in the morning so that we have enough energy for an extended period, and the pancreas is not burdened by our choice of breakfast?

The correct answer is a breakfast rich in protein and fat. Healthy fats shouldn’t scare you, they are one of the most nutritional elements in your diet. They are found in vegetable oils and avocados. Eggs, fish, chicken or turkey can be an ideal source of protein for the morning. Vegetarians can always resort to plant-based sources of protein, such as mushrooms and legumes.

An example of an optimal breakfast is scrambled eggs with avocado or omelette with spinach. Feel free to add a slice of bread or whole-grain flour to your egg and vegetable combination.

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