Healthy eating trends in 2021

2020 made us reconsider and radically change our attitude to health. The pandemic significantly impacted the course towards healthy lifestyles for many people.

With such a year, main healthy eating trends in nutrition were clearly distinguished, since the quality of food directly affects the body state.

“Disease prevention” has become the golden phrase. If you think about the consequences, then it is much easier to avoid health problems.

However, 2021 has generated huge interest in products labelled “organic” and nurturing good habits in everyday life.

Food composition

organic food
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Products with a more natural composition have a high price, and the price of the product is not necessarily putting off buyers.

According to research by Deloitte, about 27% of buyers are paying more attention to the label “Eco-friendly product”, and 9% to the labels “Bio” and “Organic”.

Healthy snacks

healthy snacks
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Modern residents of big cities prefer healthier trends and better quality snacks. The most popular are snacks with vegetable protein, freeze-dried vegetables, and fruits, snacks based on rice and other gluten-free foods, yoghurts, cereals, and other foods fortified with inulin to improve digestion. Manufacturers are expanding their range of fibre-fortified products by about 15% per year.


sugar free
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Moving away from white sugar and reducing its consumption continues to be at the peak of popularity. This could be difficult for people to understand how much sugar they consume per day. Also naturally there is a lot of it not only in fruits but even in vegetables.

However, many people give up at least the obvious use of sugar, for example, adding it to tea or coffee.

Consumers are now spoilt with a wide selection of substitutes for every taste and budget, such as stevia, maltitol, erythritol, and other natural sweeteners.

Night rest

night sleep
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The rhythm of life and the level of stress can affect the quality of night sleep: sleep problems, insomnia, and a long process of falling asleep.

In addition, a bad diet can play a role in these issues. Perhaps there will be products on the market enriched with functional dietary supplements that will help improve sleep.

Eco packaging

bio compostable package
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Environmental problems are becoming more prominent, so it is very important that more and more manufacturers are more conscious.

Approaching this issue and use environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging and containers.

We hope that every year health and ecology will top the lists of global trends!

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