How to clean a home foot spa: a Quick guide

Even though you don’t use the home foot spa frequently, you must clean it after every use. That way, it helps to prevent foot infections and keeps the system clean. It is recommended to clean the foot spa with mild water and disinfectant. However, you have to use an EPA-registered disinfectant for this purpose.

Also, clean after a single use and disinfect it through the night. You need to do that once a week. Keep in your mind to clean the external parts of the home spa. And, dry it properly. So, how to clean a foot spa? Read on to find more about it.

Benefits of Home Foot Spa:

People love to relax after a tiring day. Now, that becomes an important task especially when you have to move around. It causes stress in your feet and results in pain or soreness. Hence, a simple foot massage is all they want after they return home. Apart from all the different ways to relieve your sore feet, a home foot spa does the job better. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a home spa for feet.

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  • Reduces headache

Sometimes a rough day might bring in migraines and headaches apart from the pain in your feet. However, foot treatment can resolve both issues. Now, you can relieve yourself of a severe headache or migraine by messaging your feet. This is called reflexology. It stresses the important pressure points and improves blood circulation in the body.

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

Keep in your mind that a simple foot spa at home releases some portion of the concealed negative emotions that many people tend to carry for the whole day. A major portion of the stress resides in the neurological portion of your body. And, you can relieve them by messaging to the pressure points in your feet. That way, a home foot spa relieves you from the negative thoughts that take you toward anxiety and depression.

  • Improves blood circulation

Another greatest benefit of a foot spa is that the overall blood circulation in your body increases. When people go through a tense period, the blood tightens up. As a result, they experience body pain. A foot spa releases the tension and helps you to feel a more relaxing state. This method is a long-term solution for improved blood flow in your body.

  • Useful in arthritis

People suffering from arthritis know what it feels like. The muscles and joints remain sore and ache all the time. sometimes, it gets harder to find the energy and fix it. However, a foot spa is a perfect solution to this problem. It decreases joint inflammation and soothes the muscles in your body.

  • Treats insomnia

One of the annoying things people face in life is dealing with insomnia. In general, anxiety and stress lead to losing sleep and give rise to insomnia. However, a soothing foot spa lets your body relax. When you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, you might try relaxing your feet. It helps you to fall fast asleep.

  • Helps in PMS symptoms

Commonly, women go through menopause or PMS. So, whenever you have a girlfriend or wife, try to give them a soothing foot spa. Women get relieved from the pain they tend to experience during the phase.

  • Gives you a long-term solution

As you have seen, most of the benefits are for a shorter timeframe. So, what about long-term solutions? It might surprise you, but foot spas are useful in providing long-term solutions. When you treat your feet with the utmost care, they become stronger and healthier. With improved muscle strength, the chances of suffering from long-term injuries reduce. Chronic problems relating to the ankle or feet that come with old age become less likely.

Essential steps to disinfect a foot spa after each pedicure service:

The first step involved in cleaning and disinfecting your home foot spa begins with reading the instructions carefully. The owner’s manual gives you operating tips and how to increase your experience. Also, it tells you about the cleaning and disinfecting of the foot spa. Here are the steps that can save you from a lot of troubles in the long run.

1. Remove all kinds of unwanted things from the basin. Look out for debris that might stick the drain. Take a paper towel or rag and wipe it. This is all you need to do.

2. Watch out for the owner’s manual to find out whether it is safe to wash the inner part of the basin. Most home foot spas recommend using a mild detergent along with warm water to clean. However, it is important to check the manual for the directions. That way, the motor remains safe.

3. After thorough washing of the home spa, throw away the rinsed water. Keep in your mind that the leftover detergent can irritate your sensitive skin. And, it isn’t pleasant when it is about your feet.

4. Health experts recommend using a disinfectant after rinsing the water. But you have to be sure enough whether it is safe for the type of spa you are using. The disinfectant eliminates all kinds of bacteria or germs. Also, it prevents the germ from returning. This becomes a matter of safety precaution if you have sores or cuts on your feet. Your feet get infected when they are exposed to unhealthy conditions.

5. You can get the details about the disinfectant on how to use it, such as for how long you should leave it inside the foot spa and when to rinse it out properly. Many disinfectants contain harsh chemicals that might irritate your sensitive skin.

How to disinfect feet?

When it comes to disinfecting your feet, you may want to keep them free from germs and bacterial infections. Listerine, which is generally used to prevent gingivitis and cavities, has active ingredients in it. And, when it comes to your feet, it has lots of benefits.

Apart from keeping your feet from bad odor, it has antifungal properties due to thymol and menthol. At-home foot spa with Listerine is a great way to disinfectant your feet. Find yourself a tub that accommodates your feet well. Fill it with Listerine along with warm water.

Also, you can use white vinegar instead of warm water. The solution helps you get rid of the fungus due to the higher acidic levels. Place your feet on the solution for about 45 to 60 minutes. If you have limited time, you can use Listerine on cotton balls and apply it to your feet.

What to put into foot spa water?

You can add different types of things in the hot water for the foot spa. Add a small portion of Epsom salt to the solution to have a sense of relaxation. Vinegar and Listerine could be added to the water. It helps to heal your cracked feet.

Other ingredients you may use in the warm water include chamomile tea, tea tree oil, lemon juice, peppermint oil, rosemary, and lavender oil. The best way is to use a foot spa every day. And, choose the additions wisely. Make sure that your home foot spa device is capable to use the item being added.

Why is cleaning and disinfection of pedicure baths important?

According to various studies surrounding the use of foot spas, many important aspects came to light. The most important of them was about the cleaning and disinfecting of the pedicure baths. A foot spa that isn’t clean, results in painful fungal and bacterial infections.

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The bacteria cause boils on your feet and after a few days, it results in open, painful sores. Precautions should be made so that all kind of foot infections from the pedicure baths doesn’t come in contact with other users.

To prevent bacteria from thriving and expanding in your home foot spa, you need to clean it every day after a single usage. It doesn’t take much time to clean and disinfect the spa. Make your feet feel happy and healthy.

How often should a pedicure tub be cleaned and disinfected?

As you know, foot spas should be kept clean to prevent the spread of harmful micro-organisms. These organisms thrive on moist and dirty surfaces. To help in preventing this infectious disease from spreading, you may use a disposable foot spa liner.

Or else, you need to clean and disinfect the foot spa regularly. Rinse the pedicure bath and its components with clean water along with mild detergent. Refill the tub with water and recommended disinfectant. Keep it working for about 10 minutes or more depending on the instruction for the device.

Longer contact time means more killing of bacteria and fungus. When it gets completed, drain, rinse and dry the pedicure tub. Store the spa in a dust-free environment. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations needed for cleaning and disinfecting.


Therefore, taking a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to clean and disinfect your home foot spa keeps your feet in good condition without diseases. Also, add other items with warm water to give a soothing experience to your feet.

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