How to get rid of a double chin at home

A double chin is not an embarrassment; however, if it bothers you, there are some methods to removing it. There are more invasive and non-invasive ways to eliminate it. Without any surgeries, you can carry a double chin treatment with some effective exercises and massage. It is nothing but neck fat or submental fat. It is a layer of additional fat accumulated around the jawline and below the chin. This could be due to age, genetics, loss of elasticity, laxness, and stretching due to weight loss and other factors. Whatever the reason may be, the good news is that it can be prevented or minimized with face yoga, treatments, and skincare products.

Double chin causes

A double chin is associated with obesity or overweight. But, it could be even in skinny people or people with looser skin or due to genetics.

The primary causes of are:

Aging skin

With age, skin sags as it loses tension due to a lack of collagen generation. Due to loss of elasticity, the skin behind the chin sags or accumulates fat resulting in a double chin. Poor diet, sun exposure, and smoking can result in premature aging and sagging skin.


People using laptops and smartphones most of the time have a hunched posture resulting in poor posture. Craning over necks can result in pressure over the platysma muscle and eventually a double chin. The skin roundabout the jowls can occur due to the weakening of muscle and loss of elasticity.

Facial structure

Your face shape may be such that with a weak jawline and recessive chins. This can result in a double chin, whether you are obese or not. The skin is stretched beneath the chin area which can accumulate fat or loosened skin and hence.


This condition results in the accumulation of fat beneath the region of the chin and other areas, resulting in a double chin.

Why do I have a double chin when I’m skinny?

You may develop a double chin even being skinny due to age or weight gain. Being skinny, even the little amounts of submental fat can show below your jaw. Genetics could be another reason for the double chin, even being skinny.

The other reasons why you may have a double chin even when you are skinny are overbite and breathing from the nose. Overbite is a condition where your lower jaw is positioned far behind the upper jaw. You can overcome overbite by syncing your lower jaw and upper jaw. Breathing with your mouth open puts your face elongated and your mouth being open most of the time, resulting in a double chin.


You can relieve the double chin through some non-invasive methods like exercises and massages.

Exercises for double chin:

To eliminate a double chin, there are some important exercises. These exercises strengthen your lower-facial muscles and jaw muscles. It shall tighten the skin and prevent fat accumulation.

Warm-up: around the world

Some warm-up is essential to prevent injury. As a warm-up, rotate the head down and forward and then clockwise. Reverse and repeat.

Chin scoop

Roll your lower lip by opening your mouth above your lower jaw teeth. Droop your chin to scoop water using your lower jaw. Move down your head to scoop and close your mouth to lift your head. Repeat the drill 5 to 7 times.

Under-bite stretch

Turn the head left and pull the lower jaw forwards. Your neck muscles will be strained. Do the same by turning your head to the right. Repeat 5 to 7 times.

Clench smile

Keep your mouth closed and clench your teeth by stretching the lips to the widest possible. Push your tongue gradually raising the force against your palate. Hold for a strong tension of the chin muscle. Relax and then repeat 5 to 8 times.


Face the ceiling by tilting your head backward. Pucker as if to kiss the ceiling by stretching the region below the chin. Hold and bring the head back to the usual position. Repeat this 5 to 7 times.

Kiss the sky-high

Try to extend your lips farthest from the face. Do it as far as possible. It is identical to facing the ceiling. Now stand tall and straight with relaxed and loose shoulders and arms. Tilt the head backward and pucker the lips extending farthest to kiss the sky. This exercise flexes the chin and neck muscles. Hold the position for around 20 seconds. Relax and repeat 10-15 times.

Ball under chin

Place any small and softball like a tennis ball below your chin. Press against the ball. Do this around 25 times every day.

Gum chewing

Chewing gum or moving as if you are chewing gum can help relieve you of your double chin. It is a minor workout for the jaw and jawline. It will minimize fat in the chin area.


A self-massage is very efficient. You can use double chin massage oil for efficient results. A massage is a good way of improving the circulation of blood and toning facial muscles.

You can massage your chin by sliding your hands over the low jaw along the direction of the chin lobes without too much pressure. Also, you can combine some exercises with a massage. You can also use a massage device if you have one.

Massage with a wet towel. Moistened it with cold water and then place it below the chin. Pull the towel strongly with both of your hands. The towel center should be at the center of the chin. Repeat the process 10 times to 15 times. You can also rub the moistened towel on your chin from right to left.


A double chin can be eliminated with simple exercises and massage techniques. They are non-invasive ways. The invasive techniques include surgery and other treatment methods. Neck fat or submental fat can get accumulated beneath the chin area due to overweight or improper posture or genetics or age or any other factors. It can also due to loss of elasticity or sagging skin.

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