How to maintain healthy skin under a face mask?

Wearing protective masks is mandatory during the quarantine period. However, have you ever wondered how our skin interacts with the mask’s material?

The material used for the mask is usually cotton, viscose, and polyester. Under the mask our face skin may be exposed with mechanical friction and unnatural heat retention, so even skin that is not prone to problems falls into the “risk zone”.

How to properly care for your skin in order to maintain its beauty under a protective mask … read on!

General rules for quarantine facial skincare

healthy skin under a face mask
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  1. After wearing the mask for a long time, it is imperative to cleanse the skin.
  2. After each walk we wash the accessory and iron it with steam. If it is disposable, we throw it into the trash bin.
  3. Creams with a comfortable consistency allow creating a protective layer between the mask and the face.
  4. It is worth minimizing or completely excluding makeup. Light, non-comedogenic, silicone-free products, under the influence of high humidity, also fall into the pores, provoking the appearance of acne, blackheads, etc.

Dry skincare

“Dry skin” can already suffer from systematic dehydration. So If your skincare previously consisted of moisturizing products it is recommended to double your routine.

Make it a habit to wash your face with warm water and a moisturizing foam and sprinkle with a mist based natural oil.

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After that, we apply a cream with hyaluronic acid, which is able to retain moisture for a long period. Before going to bed, be sure to use products with ceramides, which restore the hydrolipid mantle and eliminate flaking. It is recommended to do nourishing masks 2-3 times a week.

Oily and damaging skincare

The work of the sebaceous glands of oily and damaged skin is already intense, not to mention the “greenhouse effect” provoked by a protective mask.

Regular cleansing of the skin is not enough here. After removing impurities with a cleanser, use a sebum regulator. If inflammation, comedones, and acne appear, perform evening rituals with salicylic acid-based products.

Normal skincare

Owners of this skin type need to follow the usual care steps with some adjustments.

After cleansing the skin, apply sprays with flower or herbal extracts.
Apply hyaluronic acid daytime products regularly.

Care for skin prone to redness

Masks may have a detrimental effect on skin which is prone to the manifestation of rosacea. To help with this:

Use a gentle face wash with a soothing effect.

Strengthening and toning the capillaries may help. For this, products with rutin, vitamin C, extracts of horse chestnut, seaweed, blueberry and arnica, glycine, fructose, collagen, and vitamin K in the composition are useful.

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Add a drop of grapeseed oil to your skincare products to help prevent spider veins.

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