How to restore your nails after having fashionable nail art!

This article will focus on the condition of your nails after having your nail art masterpiece removed, and if your nail plates are not in the best condition.

Perhaps, after getting your beautiful nail design, you don’t expect to see dull, thin, and cracked nails.

How can you restore your nails?

After Masking your nails with thick layers of fashionable nail decor it is recommended to take care of your nails. In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary information so you can maintain and keep your nails looking healthy.

Why can nails deteriorate?

Under the layers of your nail art, your natural nail plates do not “breathe”, so they do not receive enough oxygen. Therefore, there are consequences such as yellowness and delamination.

A Lack of proper care after a manicure with gel can also provoke deterioration. A beautiful design gives the illusion there is no need to take care of your nails. Having a manicure can cause a lack of nutrients, dryness, brittleness, and flaking may appear.

Another reason may be the nail technician uses poor-quality products. The composition of the gel (or acrylic) may contain chemical components. This may cause damage when they come into contact with the nail plate. 

It is important when choosing your nail technician they are fully qualified and have high-quality products.

How to restore nails after nail art?

Nutrition is crucial for restoring and Foods high in calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc are essential for strong healthy nails. Balance your diet!

A simple nail bath with sea salt will strengthen and brighten your nail plates. Bathing in warmed milk or a solution of chamomile will also have a positive effect on their structure and cuticles.

It is recommended to have nail baths regularly and even up to several times a week. To strengthen your nail plates, it is beneficial to use olive, almond, and castor oils.

Vitamins A and E, essential oils of tea tree, rose, ylang-ylang can be added to the composition of the oil mask. As for castor oil, you can apply it yourself – rub it with a cotton pad into each nail plate.

Paraffin baths are also useful for the restoration of marigolds.

Nail health rules after having nail extensions

Gel or acrylic are beautiful and fashionable and are popular among women. To keep your nails healthy follow these simple rules.

Your nail technician should be professional and highly qualified. In addition to your technician using high-quality products and creating an original design. They should tell you how to properly care for your nails, when to take a break from having a manicure, and give advice to restore. 

After having three nail extensions, it’s advised to give yourself a break so they can restore. During this period, it’s crucial to keep your nails away from any household products so no damage is caused. 

When caring for your nail’s The use of salt, herbal, paraffin bath, oils, and special strengthening agents is mandatory every day to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Restoring your nails so they’re strong and healthy can be quite a commitment but it’s worth it.

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