How to use a solarium safely to get a tan?

Want to have a beautiful tan at any time of the year? Then keep reading about how to get a tan in a solarium without damaging your skin.

Tanning in a solarium by skin type

The first thing you should know when visiting a solarium is know your skin type, as the length of your stay in the solarium depends on this. The lighter it is, the fewer “minutes” you need. The points below will help you:

  1. If you have Dark skin with olive undertones, dark eyes and dark hair tanning it is recommended that the maximum tanning time is up to 9 minutes.
  2. Slightly dark skin, dark blond / brown hair, gray or brown eyes and no freckles. This type of skin requires sunscreen products and a maximum stay in the solarium of up to 8 minutes.
  3. Light skin without or with very few freckles. For this type of skin, it is imperative to use an SPF product and a maximum residence time of up to 5 minutes.
  4. Very light skin, pale, many freckles, moles and hypersensitivity. With this type of skin, it is best not to risk burning your skin. It is imperative to use SPF suncream and the maximum time spent in a solarium should not exceed 2.5-3 minutes.

About solarium

Arriving at the tanning salon, we recommend you ask questions about the sunbed and your skin as your safety is most important.

  1. Which solarium to choose: vertical or horizontal? A vertical solarium is best for those who wish to obtain a beautiful tan for the upper body – arms, shoulders, back, décolleté. Horizontal is more effective for tanning your legs.
  2. How often do the lamps in the solarium change and what is their power? This directly determines the time spent in the solarium: the newer the lamps, the fewer minutes you need to sunbathe. According to the norms, the lamps must be changed every 600 thousand hours. If the replacement was carried out a day or two ago, then the tanning time should also be shortened as much as possible.
  3. Is the solarium disinfected? Before entering the solarium it is advised that you ask
  4. How many minutes may you sunbathe in the solarium? If in doubt, be sure to ask the tanning assistant about it.

What you should not do before a solarium

Do not shower just before visiting the solarium. Do this within 3-4 hours, as the gel or soap will wash away the protective barrier and make your skin more sensitive to UV light. We also strongly discourage the use of deodorant and perfumes because of the likelihood of causing age spots and irritation. The same goes for facial cosmetics. No makeup!

What you need for tanning in a solarium

Eye protection from ultraviolet radiation is vital and a cap to protect your hair from brittleness and burnout, as well as nipple stickiness. The latter is most often supplemented with miniature round stickers, which are designed to cover moles on the body. Be sure to do this before starting your session.

Solarium aftercare

After using the tanning bed, apply a moisturizer that soothes the skin and activates the tan.

It is not recommended to use creams with bronzers, even if the tanning assistant recommends them to you.

Remember the face too! The horizontal solarium is equipped with special face lamps, which are inferior in power to the main ones. They can be turned off, but this can be done only a minute after the start of the session.

Even with the lamps turned off, ultraviolet rays from the main lamps still fall on the skin. The face should be protected with special oil or cream just before tanning. Protect the areas most susceptible to pigmentation so it is advised to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15!

Tanning rules in a solarium

  • Before visiting the solarium, take a shower for 3-4 hours with a special gel that promotes an even tan, or soap with a neutral pH;
  • Sunbathing with makeup is bad for your skin;
  • Remove all jewelry;
  • Use stikini to protect moles and nipples, and after 30 years of age we recommend sunbathing in a solarium with a swimsuit top;
  • Special glasses are required to protect the eyes, and also take off the lenses, since they deteriorate considerably from exposure to UV rays and impair visibility;
  • Protect your hair;
  • Moisturize your lips with a balm with protective filters;
  • Apply special tanning creams to the skin, which prevent the appearance of burns and age spots, and also accelerate tanning;
  • Never exceed the time spent in the solarium: it is better to take fewer minutes, and next time increase it, than burn or damage your skin;
  • You should take a shower 4 hours after the tanning session with the obligatory subsequent nutrition of the skin;
  • It is forbidden to visit the solarium after cosmetic procedures (peeling, mechanical cleaning, epilation, dermabrasion, any laser or injection techniques);
  • Treat yourself to a glass of freshly squeezed carrot, mango or apricot juice, as they are rich in carotene, after the procedure.
  • Sunbathe with pleasure and always put your safety first!

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