Jason Momoa Shows Off His Workout Before Filming

Popular actor Jason Momoa shows his workout in the gym while talking about his films.

Jason shows off his muscles while training for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”. At the same time, the actor rejoices at the success with the audience of his recently released film “Sweet Girl”, calling the film number one in 91 out of 94 countries.

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We are sure that the strong muscles from the boxing regime will be very useful for his hero Arthur in “Aquaman 2” to fight enemies, as well as in his other projects.

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In addition to “Sweet Girl”, which is already airing, “SEE” Season 2, which will be released on August 27, the actor also takes part in the film directed by Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune”, where he plays the Duncan Idaho, which will be released on October 22.

Jason Momoa shows off his workout before filming
@prideofgypsies Instagram

Thanks to social, we can look behind the scenes and learn more about what is not shown on wide screens. In particular, Jason showed us that being an actor is not only about having talent but also physically hard work to give viewers a true visual pleasure!

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