Jennifer Lopez Shows Her Workout on How to Stay in Great Shape at 52!

The 52 y.o. star regularly shows off her athletic figure and followers are actively interested in how she manages to stay in such good shape.

Lopez decided to show a video made in the gym, where to the song On My Way, she does strength exercises and works out with dumbbells.

@jlo:”#OnMyWay to a better me#WorkoutWednesday @MarryMeMovie @telykast”, the star signed the video, and also mentioned her movie with the hashtag #Marryme.

Given the amount of attention and popularity J.Lo’s lower body has, we’re sure the singer hasn’t shown all of her favorite exercises in the video above, although it’s clear that glute training is a must-have.

Previously, the star’s trainer explained that J.Lo’s workout routine is a mix of cardio, strength training, agility, and balance exercises.

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