Kourtney Kardashian Shares Tips to Lose Weight and Prevent Unwanted Water Retention on Her POOSH Blog

Kourtney Kardashian, on her POOSH blog, together with Rebecca Faria, shared simple tips that can help get rid of unwanted water retention in the body, which may add weight and is simply called edema.

@poosh: “Looking to lose water weight? We’re sharing easy ways to drop the H2O bloat with 5 daily tips…”.

The methods are really simple and obvious, but we can just often forget about them. One of the tips is to manage salt intake and foods high in salt, which can greatly affect edema in the body. The article in POOSH is written in collaboration with Rebecca Faria, who claims to be a Detox Massage Creator.

Below you can see Rebecca’s post, where she shows how to do lymphatic drainage self-massage, which is very important for beauty and health in general.

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