Louise Thompson Confesses About Her Swimming Experience While Pregnant

Louise is pregnant with her first child with fiancé Ryan Libby.

She poses in her black swimsuit and styling and looks great while on vacation at the Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa.

She expressed her concerns about swimming in the pool as :

@louise.thompson: “I can’t believe that this is my first time swimming THIS YEAR. How crazy is that? People say that swimming is the one time that you don’t feel pregnant – that you feel weightless. I have to say as someone who used to compete in regular swimming competitions where breaststroke was my thing, I strongly disagree … it’s a whole different ball game. I felt like my belly was going to drag along the bottom of the pool (like one of those cleaning robots) hahahaa. It was, however, very fun and quite liberating!!!! Anyone got any tips for buying attractive maternity swimwear? I’ve now gone up 5 cup sizes and this black jobby was a last minute desperate purch from a surf shop down in Devon.”

Louise also announced the start of her dance challenge, which can “reduce our stress levels”.

@louise.thompson: “A reminder that our new fitness challenge starts tomorrow. Stress expert Robert Sapolsky states that one way to reduce our stress levels is to do exercise that we enjoy. The enjoy part is critical. If you’re doing exercise that you hate then it won’t have the same impact.
Our 5 week dance challenge is the perfect thing to invest in this Summer because it’s guaranteed to make you smile (and give you results). Plus you will learn all about our macros approach (which buckets of you have emailed me about). You will get 8 weeks access to our new macros app which has weekly check ins and a flexible planner to give you more macros on the days you need it.
The calendar for this one is awesome and you can dive in and out as much as you want, plus everything is on record to access later! Pop any questions you have below and I’ll get back to you today. MAKE BIG LIFE CHANGE TODAY “.

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