Top 8 most popular myths about weight loss

Get health has listed some essential facts about losing weight to help guide you before you make a choice on how you want to reduce your weight.

MYTH 1: To Lose Weight, You Need To Do A Lot Of Cardio-Based Exercises

To be more precise, the essential factor is how many calories you burn during exercise and how many calories you eat. If you do a lot of cardio, but at the same time ingest more calories than you reduce, you will not reduce weight, but quite the opposite.

You don’t have to focus on cardio to burn energy and calories. Especially if you are not a fan of jumping and running. They can be replaced by walking at an accelerated pace, dancing, or other types of training.

The main thing is to lose more calories than you intake with food.

MYTH 2: Weight Reduction Pills

Perhaps the pills are from a reputable manufacturer which will help with the mission of reducing your weight.

However, there are also many risks here, and there is no magic pill. Many people, when taking diet pills, note a rapid heart rate, impaired appetite, etc. Also, the pills do not guarantee that after the end of the course, you will not gain weight again! are you going to take pills for the rest of your life? Not to mention the expense.

There are no guarantees that the use of diet pills will not negatively affect other organs and your overall general health in future. More love for yourself and for your health and a little more will power when it comes to your diet!

MYTH 3: To Drink As Much Water As Possible A Day

Nobody argues that water is not necessary and irreplaceable in the human body. But to overdo it when drinking water, we can overload the kidneys functions, and this is not recommended.

Listen to your body more, your body will not lie. If you are thirsty – drink. If the water is “like a lump in your throat” you don’t need to force yourself.

MYTH 4: Eat as Much Fruit As Possible, And Drink Fruit Juices

Remember that Fruits, like fresh juices, contain a lot of sugar (fructose)! And if you intake sugar every day (including fruits and juices) don’t be surprised to gain weight from a lot of calories.

It is also better to replace fresh juices with fruit. Since squeezing out the juice, you get more sugar and get rid of other parts of the fruit, which contain more nutrients like fibre, for example.

MYTH 5: Avoid Fat For Weight Loss

Let’s be clear. When you say “fat”, what do you imagine? Now let’s figure it out. Thanks to fat, hormones are formed that help you lose weight! Can you imagine that?

There are some healthy fats, including vegetable oils, nuts, avocados, fat from dairy products, meat, fish, eggs. Egg yolk contains healthy fats.

But trans fat is a whole other story! This is harmful fat, including when frying, baking, sweets and eating fast food. It is this fat that leads to all kinds of diseases and obesity.

Trans fats in sweet pastries and other “sweets” can be entirely replaced with healthy ones like dark chocolate and dried fruits. Girls, if you completely eliminate fat from your diet, you will have issues with your “woman” health. Under no circumstances should you give up healthy fat! And trying to forget about fast food will be very useful.

MYTH 6: To Lose Weight, You Need To Stop Eating Bread And Pasta

Bread and pasta are no higher in calories than other foods you may have in your diet. The problem is that these foods are often consumed with butter, fatty meats, gravy etc. which can make you put on weight.

Replacing white bread and pasta with whole grains, which are rich in fibre, is also a great solution.

*PLEASE NOTICE: When consuming a lot of fibre, you need to increase the amount of water consumed.

MYTH 7: You Can’t Eat Anything After 6 p.m.

No, not after 18.00, but 3 hours before bedtime, and if we are talking about a light snack, then it can be done 2 hours before bedtime. This is enough time for your digestive system to process food.

MYTH 8: Skipping Breakfast Is A Way To Lose Weight!

Well, this is not true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The body needs to replenish its strength and resources after sleep.

What happens if you go to work or school without breakfast?

Your body, not receiving nutrients after sleep, begins to mismanage resources, and “store” nutrients in the form of fatty tissue.

To show clearly, without receiving food, the body, in order to protect itself, can regard the situation as “you need to make supplies in case you get lost on a desert island: it sounds funny, but this is nature!

If you do not eat breakfast, your body may regard this as a difficult situation, the likelihood of danger and, accordingly, the body prepares for hunger, it slows down the metabolism, which in turn reduces the process of burning calories!

What happens when calories are not burned but stored? That’s right, bodyweight is added.

If you are worried about excess weight – always have breakfast!


Unfortunately, there is no magic diet or magic pill to make your extra weight disappear.

To be in good shape and feel good, you need to love your body, avoid junk food with trans fats, and move more, because the movement is life!

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