Nicki Minaj Beefs with Pierce Morgan Over Ongoing Vaccination Controversy

Nicki Minaj reacted rather harshly to Pierce Morgan’s words when a journalist criticized her opinion regarding vaccinations.

The rapper has been discussed with the British Prime Minister, Chief Medical Officer, and leading political journalists after she shared that her cousin’s friend was impotent due to swollen testicles after being vaccinated against COVID.

After chief physician Chris Whitty said the claim was untrue, Pierce Morgan joined the controversy.

He did not speak flatteringly towards Nicki Minaj and said “She’s peddling lies that will cost lives.

Since then, Minaj has even updated her Twitter status with this phrase: “The rudest little madam.”

Also, Nicki hurried to propose him chat and to wear a “clown nose & big red shoes”.

The former host of “Good Morning Britain” wanted to remind Nicki that they met on AGT, to which the rapper immediately commented enough in a scandalous manner and accused him of lying.

Let’s go back to the comment by England’s Chief Medical Officer regarding Minaj’s post.

A journalist asked Boris Johnson and Whitty about Minaj’s tweet. Chris Whitty said the singer should be “ashamed” for “spreading lies” on social media.

Boris Johnson, meanwhile, said he was “not as familiar with the work of Nicki Minaj as I probably should be” but said he knew the achievements of GP Nikki Kanani of Bexley well.

Minaj had an answer to that too. In a “British” accent, she recorded a voice message for Johnson and offered to send him a “portfolio” of her works.

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