Popular mistakes when blow-drying your hair

How do you dry your hair? Check out our top tips on how to properly dry your hair and not spoil or damage it!

Tip 1: Don’t Dry Your Hair Right Away!

When you get out of the shower, do you immediately grab a hairdryer? Please do not do it this way! Drying overly wet hair is not recommended!

Give yourself 10-15 minutes and let your towel absorb some moisture from your hair.

Tip 2: Thermal Hair Protection – Required

It is possible to damage your hair by the hot airflow and can make it dry and brittle, especially from frequent use of a hairdryer.

Thermal protection is a must if you like to style your hair. Thermal protection moisturizes the hair and helps evenly spread the heat over the entire length.

L’Oreal Professionnel Nourishing Thermal Protective Cream for Dry and Brittle Hair.

Tip 3: Don’t Use it so Hot!

Reducing the time to dry your hair with hot air can damage it. Try not drying your hair to the maximum heat level, and you will notice how your hair looks better. And if your hairdryer does not have a temperature switch, Well, it’s time for an upgrade!

Tip 4: Hairdryer Attachments

Hairdryer attachments are essential – they direct the airflow in such a way as to facilitate styling and protect the hair. If the hairdryer does not have a nozzle, the airflow will dry out specific areas and “puff” the hair.

Tip 5: Move with a Hairdryer

In the process, hold the hairdryer with the nozzle at a 45-degree angle, moving in the hair growth direction. Maintain a distance – there should be at least 15 cm between your scalp and your hairdryer.

Tip 6. What to Do With Brushing

Do not start brushing at the very beginning of drying when the hair is damp. Brushing is not suitable for wet hair. The purpose of such a brush is to “pull out” already dry strands. To dry your hair, use a special comb to help the process and add volume to the roots. And only after you have dried your hair you can start brushing.

Tip 7: Cool Mode

When you are coming to the end of blow drying, switch the blow-dryer to cold air mode and cool the already dry hair. This process will help secure the style and add more shine to your hair.

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