L-Lysine – 90 caps

L-Lysine – 90 caps


Dietary supplement by BioTech USA/ L-lysine is involved in the formation of all proteins in the body/ 90 caps

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L-lysine is Involved in the Formation of All Proteins in the Body

L-lysine is a versatile essential amino acid that the body cannot produce, or can produce only in insufficient amounts. It can mainly be found in protein-rich foods such as various dairy products, meat, eggs. L-lysine can easily be replaced by a balanced diet and good quality nutrients, but in some cases (such as in the case of those following a vegan lifestyle) it may be necessary to provide it from sources other than meals.

The BioTechUSA L-Lysine dietary supplement capsule can help with this. Thanks to its capsule form, it is easy to portion out and take with you anywhere during the day.

What does BioTechUSA L-Lysine contain?

One serving (3 capsules) contains:

  • 1874 mg L-lysine hydrochloride of which 1500 mg L Lysine

L-lysine (along with L-leucine) belongs to the group of purely ketogenic amino acids!

L-lysine, like any other BioTechUSA product, contains safe, carefully selected ingredients.


*Please Note * Information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by a health care professional.

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