Self-recognition: simple exercise “What Book am I?”

Many people have difficulties in life for one simple reason. They do not know themselves, they do not know how to position themselves.

The modern pace of life simply leaves no time to think about it. Household chores, problem-solving, work difficulties, where can you find time to think about your inner world? But often It is the inner state that determines how the world develops around us.

When you have an inner confidence and a clear understanding of what you need, then somehow everything is easy. Remember, when you feel good, then the world around you seems much more enjoyable.

We suggest you try one simple psychological exercise. It may seem frivolous, but this is only at first glance. This simple exercise will allow you to look at yourself with different eyes, and most likely, find something new about yourself.

Try to relax, not think about the past and not worry about the future. You are only here and now. And imagine that you have become a Book. Now fantasize, take a piece of paper and write down everything that you fantasize:

  • What kind of book would I be? : Educational, scientific, artistic? Or maybe a reference book or a fashion magazine?
  • What content would I have: historical, biological, philosophical, art history, or maybe I would be a textbook on mathematics or astronomy?
  • Are you a finished book or in the process of writing? What is your cover?
  • What is your title as a book? Do you have pictures on your pages? If so, which ones?
  • Who is reading you? If you are a book, whom would you like to read you?
  • Are you, as a book, teaching something, or perhaps entertaining, or, on the contrary, trying to scare the reader? What is your storyline?
  • Who are the main characters of your pages? Or maybe there are several heroes in your book? What’s the ending of your book?
  • What do you think, if you are a book and have been read, how will your reader feel after reading it?

Reread what you have written attentively. Yes, attentively!

Repeat this exercise after two months we think you will see the differences.

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