The best 10 stomach exercises

The best 10 stomach exercises you can do anywhere! Have you had that extra piece of cake or stuffed your face with a Mcdonald’s large meal! Your stomach looking bloated?

Top 10 Stomach Training Exercises

Reverse Crunch

Start lying face-up on the floor with your palms pressing down on the floor. Your hips and knees need to be set at a 90-degree angle. Lift your hips off the floor and move them towards you. Stop, and then steadily lower your legs until the heels of your feet nearly touch the base of the floor.

Try to use steady control, taking your time through the exercise to limit your use of energy. Control is essential when it comes to this training.

Start with 4 sets and between 10-12 reps, taking a rest of sixty seconds every set. This really is one to add to your Stomach exercises, and you will have a six-pack in no time!

Abs Wheel Rollout

This is excellent training executed with an ab wheel—a formation of adverse extending core exercising. As you roll forwards with the Ab wheel, your stomach muscles overwork to sustain your back from bending into an extended position. The abs should not bend the body or bring the shoulders to the pelvis like throughout a Sit-Up.

Seated Reverse Crunches

Exhale and compact your abdominals to hoist your knees up toward your sternum and elevate your hips off the floor. Hold in this pose, steadily begin to lower your legs back to the starting place. If you are bending your lower back when putting your legs downwards, that’s an indication you are not working in a managed way.

Side Plank Crunch

This training is a prime method that builds your key muscles, specifically the outer layer on each side of your stomach muscle walls. While Building up your upper back and shoulder as well. The crunch method is also training the rest of your body to make it stable and reinforce.

Bicycle Twist Crunch

This training method is over 240% more impactful than regular crunches. To perform this abdominal exercise with the right posture, follow the video below.


What is a plank? It is an aerobic key strength exercise that includes prolonging a position comparable to a press-up for the highest possible time.

Heel Tap Exercise

Facing upwards on the ground, putting your hands below the backside, knees in a bent pose, feet being raised into a countertop pose. Steadily lower your flexed feet advancing until your heels hardly tap the floor. Compact your stomach muscles to help bring your feet up to the countertop pose.


A sit-up exercise is a stomach muscle durability drill to strengthen, make tighter, and tone the abs. It has the same similarities to a crunch exercise, but sit-ups have a more sufficient range of movement and shape extra muscles.

Side Plank Hold

A side plank hold is an excellent training exercise for solidifying the oblique stomach abs. These particular muscles do not get developed with regular crunch training exercises. Holding your body in a position on your side, sustained by an arm and foot.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist is an admired fitness activity that benefits oblique strength and construction. The work out usually completed with a conditioning ball, includes moving your physique from left to right and by holding a sit-up position with your feet raised.

Here is a great video showing you all the techniques from the exercises listed. Please enjoy!

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