The best 12 children’s birthday party ideas

The Best 12 Children’s Birthday Party Ideas: Are you looking for a special place to have your kids birthday celebration? Hopefully, we can help you make unforgettable memories!

Who wants to have a messy birthday party at home? After everyone’s gone, who is left clearing up the mess! We have listed some ideas below in our guide.

Bowling Party

A Bowling Party is great fun, your party will choose brightly coloured lightweight bowling balls and head to nominated bowling lanes. You can tell the Bowling Alley location know if you want guards on the side of the lane or ramps for the bowling balls to make it simpler for young children. Most bowling locations have hot dogs and refreshments—organize a big cake and colourful balloons.


Who doesn’t like swimming? Most aquatic locations will have lifeguards and instructors who will set up activities for the children with floats, games, and races. Adults can join in on the fun too 🙂 An aquatic pool is an excellent idea to have a birthday celebration! 

Bouncy House

There is nothing better than to let your kids use their power bouncing on a giant blow-up bouncy house. A unique bounce house place is so fun for a kids birthday. They will go insane for a gigantic blow-up slide, Obstacles, basketball, and much more.

Gymboree Play & Music

Is it your child’s first birthday? Why not a Gymboree Play & Music. Entertainment on the comfortable mats, small slides, and obstacles. Some places have VIP areas to eat and sing happy birthday with cake after the kids have had fun.

The Gym

Are your party-goers a little bit too old for a Gymboree? What about your nearest gym location, which can be fun for children or a young infants birthday party celebration! Many gyms or recreation centres offer energetic activities such as aquatics, basketball games, soccer and competitions.

Arts and Crafts

Is your child creative? Contemplate having an “arts and crafts” style party. As a perk, the crafts that the children create doubled as party favours, which means less organizing for you! 

Milkshake bar

If your child has a sweet tooth Why not head to the Yard Milkshake Bar where you can build your own Sundae or Milkshake! Get everything from Ice Cream cakes, ice cream scoops and edible cookie Dough! They have multiple locations in Atlanta, Florida and Texas plus more. 

Movie Theater

Cinema is always an excellent choice for your children’s birthday. Ordering a bunch of tickets is very straightforward for your little party attendees. Some cinemas even offer VIP showings for birthday celebrations with food and sweet packages!

School of Rock

If your child likes to sing and dance take it to the next phase with a music-style party place!

Dress Up Costumes

Why not buy a bulk of fancy dress and have a cool party. You might be able to find a venue where they do all the work for you. 

Ice Rink

Children usually have so much fun ice skating, games, and fast, loud music. Hiring the skates is often included, and ice rinks generally have a VIP area for food and cake.


Going to the zoo never lets you down! You can either set up a private animal tour or do it yourself and lead your own group of children.

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