The best workout videos you can do from home

Here is a guide we have put together for you, including some of the best home workout videos that you can do from home without any equipment!

Why is exercise so essential for you?

Exercises enhance your strength and increase your endurance. Also providing oxygen and essential nourishment to your body and helps, cardio and your overall health. 

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Total Body workout No equipment – Home exercises by Lumowell

This is an excellent thirty-minute workout for toning your body and burning fat without any use of equipment. You need to follow this course 4 times a week to start seeing and feeling the benefits. Calories Burned after exercise is between 160-310.

H.I.I.T at home

H.I.I.T at Home – Fat Burning System with Scott Baker

H.I.I.T at home is a High-Intensity Interval exercise system to increase your strength, cardio and burn fat!

21 Day Transformation Video

Julia Bognar and Kelsey Bohlen will take you through your paces. This programme is an excellent way to tone and burn fat across your entire body. This programme covers everything from yoga, cardiovascular exercises, stomach muscles and booty!

Isometric strength training

Isometric Strength Training workout 2020 Series

This brilliant workout series benefits all the muscles of your body within a single movement. These Isometric training exercises effectively work the whole body in just 15 minutes where you can do from home or at the gym!

The Fitness Challenge

The Fitness Challenge by Lumowell

This Fitness Challenge is a 30 Day workout for beginners to lose weight and tone. Do this workout every day, and you will see the results instantly.

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It is essential to consult your doctor before starting any of these video programmes from The Best Home Workout Videos you can do from home.

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