Top 5 apps to help you keep track of your health

What apps can be installed on a smartphone to not forget about taking your medication and competently monitoring important health indicators?

Read on for the Top 5 Apps that can help you take care of your wellness.


medisafe app

The app will help you set up a personalized schedule that will remind you to take your pill.
Interestingly, you can choose your own melody for each specific medicine. The service will also remind you that the product is running out and you need to buy a new package.
In addition, in the Medisafe application, you can enter data on weight, pressure, blood glucose levels, as well as save medication reports in PDF and Excel formats so that you can send them to your doctor.

MedM Blood Pressure

medm app

This application allows you to quickly enter data manually or synchronize with electronic blood pressure monitors of popular brands. Statistics are displayed in the form of charts or specialized trend graphs by day, week, and month.


flo app

Application for women. Based on the data you entered, the application calculates when to wait for PMS and menstruation, determines the right days for conception, and also helps pregnant women to monitor the development of the child.


easy quit app

With this app, you may follow all aspects of your health improvement, from your blood circulation and oxygen levels to your senses of taste and smell. This may help you stop smoking slowly, with a customized plan just for you. The app also may provide you to earn badges as rewards and try the memory game when cravings strike.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

sleep cycle alarm clock

Sleep greatly affects the quality of our health and well-being. During sleep, the work of the body is normalized, the level of stress decreases and our life improves.
This application has a smart alarm function.
To do this, set the time interval in which you need to wake up, put the phone next to the bed. The app will track your behavior, monitor your sleep phases, and wake you up at the right time to easily awaken your body. Also, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock can make reports about your sleep.

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