Top 8 reasons to care about your mental health

With our busy lives, we can forget how important our mental health is. Our mental health is crucial because it directly affects the quality of our life!

Psychology even uses a special term Psychohygiene which means attention to own emotions, sensations to maintain psychological health.

Personal rest

It is important to disconnect from the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life as we all need to relax and re-energize as this is an important factor in maintaining a healthy mind. The phrase “All diseases are from the nerves” is quite true as we often get sick when the body needs rest and care.

Small joys

Not all people allow themselves small joys. Oddly enough, most people consider this unimportant and deliberately limit themselves to this. Although, what could be easier? For example stop what your doing and take 30 minutes to unwind and visit a cafe for a nice cup of coffee in a comfortable chair, looking out of the huge windows to people watch.

Psychologists believe that to stop from the urgency of everyday life and allow yourself small joys means having enough strength to enjoy life in general!

Trust your emotions

Sometimes we get into situations that leave unpleasant sensations where we could not stand up for ourselves in front of other people. But either because of character or because of the influence of the environment. We try to convince ourselves that it only seemed to us that we were fantasizing, but in fact, everything is different.

Nevertheless, the feeling of “lousy” remains. If you have ever been in a situation where you have been rejected. It is very important to believe in yourself and surround yourself with positive people.

Don’t let other people shout at you

In society, shouting is not considered illegal. However, what about the person being yelled at? The goal of the one who shouts at you is to compel you to meet others’ certain expectations or desires.

Shouting has a very powerful effect on the nervous system. There is nothing nice about a person yelling at you.

Talk about feelings

We often keep silent about our true feelings in front of ourselves and other people. We think that this will help to avoid conflict and awkward situations. Why need to spoil something? However, everything that we stay quiet about will eventually come out.

Talking about your feelings is normal and healthy. Saying out loud what is troubling will help you achieve rapport ( with yourself too). And will also help to reduce anxiety and build self-confidence.

Avoid communication with unpleasant people

There can be a lot of people who annoy us including our relatives. However, it is worth remembering that unpleasant communication is toxic. It may give you negative feelings, and prevent you from enjoying life and achieving your goals. The best way to fix this state of affairs is to minimize or even stop communication.

Rid yourself of unnecessary information

The world around us is filled with all kinds of information that comes from everywhere: television, radio, the Internet, and so on. Crime, politics, the latest hits, new posts on Instagram what do we benefit from all of this? We are constantly looking at our phones for hours, endlessly swiping through feeds of information.

If to look at this situation more deeply, most of the incoming information may only annoy and upset you. Perhaps this is a reason to think about how to focus on the really necessary things like communication with loved ones, educational podcasts, training seminars, and just good music.

Don’t do what you don’t want to do

Often we endure negative situations because we are afraid of discomfort and even condemnation from other people, which may occur if we stop doing what others want. However, “not doing what you don’t want to do” directly affects the growth of self-esteem.

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