Top Gadgets That Help You Monitor Your Health

Taking care of your health should be the most important priority for every person!

A variety of gadgets allows you to carry out at least basic diagnostics of the body right at home and do everything possible to improve your well-being.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top list of health monitoring gadgets.


Modern medical thermometers are electronic and infrared. They are much more convenient and safer to use than the classic mercury thermometer, for which a blow or fall can be fatal.

Electronic thermometers display the measurement values ​​on the display within a few minutes, depending on the measurement area: axillary, oral, or rectal. In the latter case, it is better to give preference to the device with a flexible tip.

Digital Thermometer

Infrared models operate non-contact and allow you to read your temperature in just a few seconds, for example, by pointing the device at the forehead. In addition to fast and accurate operation, their advantage is the ability to take readings without touching the person.

Infrared Thermometer

For small children, you can choose a model of a thermometer in the shape of a nipple – it completely repeats the shape of a pacifier well known to infants and there is every chance to carry out medical manipulations without whims.

Digital Pacifier Thermometer


Blood pressure swings are one of the most common health problems. Some suffer from hypotension and feel lethargic and sleepy all day, while others are struggling with hypertension and its symptoms in the form of severe headaches and heart rhythm disturbances. With both low and high blood pressure, it is important to correct your condition in time in order to remain vigorous and efficient. Deviations from the norm will help to identify the tonometer.

This measuring device can be mechanical and electronic. When using a mechanical or manual model, the accuracy of the readings depends on the user’s skills. It is necessary to correctly fix the cuff and pump the pear. Carefully listen to the tones of the vessels with a phonendoscope.

Electronic models are divided into automatic and semi-automatic. Press the button, wait while the device takes measurements, and displays the data on the display. With the semi-automatic option, as with mechanical models, you will have to work with a bulb to inject air into the cuff, but the data will also be displayed on the display and you will not have to calculate it yourself.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Pulse Oximeter

This device has gained particular popularity since the beginning of the pandemic.
This gadget is attached to the finger and after a few seconds shows how things are with saturation.

Its is critical for people with shortness of breath and pneumonia, which is especially important in the context of the massive spread of COVID-19. A pulse oximeter is also useful for chronic diseases of the respiratory system, such as asthma, as well as for patients with heart failure.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Blood glucose meter

This gadget is indispensable for people with diabetes. With the help of a glucometer, you can easily track your blood glucose level, correct its surges in time and avoid the deterioration of well-being caused by them.

Some models, in addition to glucose levels, can also record other indicators such as cholesterol and uric acid. Such devices require a puncture of a finger and the use of test strips – special indicators on the surface of which, upon contact with a drop of blood, a reaction occurs corresponding to a certain level of sugar.

The most modern type is electrochemical glucometers, but photometric ones are also on sale.
When buying, you should pay attention to using functionality such as adjusting the puncture level, transferring data to a PC, setting the device to a certain level of sensitivity of indicator strips to obtain the most accurate data.

Bundle & Save Dario Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Fitness bracelet

The fitness bracelet calculates everything related to physical activity such as the number of steps, the calories burned and the duration of a workout. And also, depending on the functions of the selected model, the fitness bracelet collects and analyzes various data about the user’s condition. From monitoring sleep and heart rate to the level of stress, saturation, and blood pressure measurement.

Most models have a sufficient level of protection against moisture, allowing you to use the bracelet while swimming. In order not to lose the collected data, it is enough to synchronize the fitness bracelet with a smartphone, which has a pre-installed application.

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In addition, after synchronization with the phone, the gadget will be able to duplicate messages, notifications from social media and various applications, incoming calls and e-mail’s. And some models are even suitable for contactless payment via the NFC module.

Fitness Tracker with Alexa Built-in

Air purifier

Air quality directly affects human health.

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Prolonged stay in a stuffy room with a lot of dust and irritating odors has a very bad effect on the respiratory system, skin, mood, fatigue and irritability.

An air purifier is a real must-have for families with small children and pets, allergy sufferers, people suffering from sleep disorders. In the case of dry air, a humidification function is important. And if you plan to move the gadget frequently, give preference to a compact portable model.

Air Purifier for Home

Smart scales

Smart floor scales not only measure the weight of the user but can also carry out comprehensive diagnostics on a number of parameters. The most popular functions of “smart” scales:

  • Determination of muscle and bone mass
  • Calculation of body mass index and the amount of adipose tissue
  • Calculation of the percentage of visceral fat and fluid in the body
  • Metabolic rate

Such a scale is synchronized with a smartphone and stores all the collected data in the application.

Digital Weight Scale

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