Top female body facts that can make your life more comfortable!

The female body is a very complex system. Knowing the unique female biological characteristics can be very useful. For example, it is better to go to the beauty salon or the dentist for cosmetic procedures during the last week of the menstrual cycle, and the firmness of the breasts may depend on the volume of daily water consumed.

Here you will learn about unique facts about the female body that can significantly simplify your life.

Increased training may affect your menstrual cycle

Intense physical activity can lead to hormonal imbalances in the body. A result of which a woman’s menstrual cycle can be disrupted. This does not mean at all that you need to give up the gym. But be aware of the load that you give to the body in pursuit of your goals.

Breasts may signal health conditions.

For example, discharge from the mammary glands may indicate a hormonal imbalance or a malfunction of the ovaries. A doctor’s consultation is required!

Weight is not an indicator of health.

The fact that you have put on a couple of extra pounds does not necessarily mean health problems. Weight gain depends on your dietary habits, heredity, and your body constitution. And obese people can have much healthier internal organs than thin people.

Lip color and liver health

If your lips have dramatically lost their color and become pale, or have acquired a rich dark color, this may indicate liver disease. Consultation with a doctor is recommended.

Food may cause migraines.

Headaches may be caused by your diet. Certain foods (often allergens like chocolate) may cause headaches. And for example, the excessive consumption of smoked products in many women provokes the appearance of thrush.

Belly fat stores due to lack of sleep.

Even if you regularly exercise, you can still have belly fat, due to the lack of adequate healthy sleep. If a woman sleeps less than 8 hours a day, then the body experiences a lack of energy, as a result of which it “accumulates” fat reserves in the abdomen.

The body is less susceptible to pain on certain days.

During the last week of the menstrual cycle, the female body becomes less sensitive to pain. As the level of production of the hormone estrogen decreases. The overall sensitivity also decreases. So if you need, for example, to do a strenuous procedure or visit a dentist, so you can safely plan a visit for these days.

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