Transgender teen from UK using Go Fund Me to raise money for surgery

Joe, a transgender teenager is desperately trying to raise money to pay for “freeing” surgery to avoid going through the NHS as there is a very long waiting list and was told could be a three-year wait.

Joe knew he is transgender from the early age of 13, now 19 years old.

Transgender teen
Go Fund Me

Joe is now raising the funds on the crowdfunding platform Go Fund Me with the surgery costing upwards of £10,000 if was to go the private route.

He said:

It’s a lot to pay to just be who you are, but it would just be so freeing.

He wrote on his profile page:

Heyo, I’m Joe, a 19 year old trans guy from Bath looking for some help raising funds for my top surgery. I’ve been pretty obviously out since the age of 13 and am currently in the process of storing my gametes before I go on to start Testosterone.

Unfortunately, due to insanely long waiting lists, I have made the decision to go down the private route for top surgery and due to insufficient funds, I have no choice but to ask for donations, leaving me in quite an embarrassing position. However, a truly flat chest would mean the world to me and would help to alleviate a lot of my dysphoria, which has been a huge weight on my shoulders for so long. I know it sounds stupid but even just being able to wear a T-shirt in summer without constantly worrying that someone would notice my chest would be life-changing.

It’s been a pretty up and down journey to this point in more ways than one and I’m so relieved to finally be getting things underway. My confidence has been pretty low for most of my life due in large part to my dysphoria and I know top surgery would play a huge part in giving me a bit of boost ( and in transforming me into a slightly less embarrassingly awkward human being). A few years ago I would’ve never thought that I’d be in this position and I can’t describe how thankful I am to all the beautiful people in my life who have supported me along the way. I appreciate that this is a lot to ask of people but I would be so grateful for any donations, no matter how small.

Thankyou so much,

your local Arnold Schwarzenegger (minus about 55kg and 18cm),


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