What is cosmetic tape for your face and body and when should you use it?

Previously, taping was popular among athletes, however, this type of method is actively used for beauty purposes. For example, after the popularization of this method, gorgeous Kim Kardashian uses wide adhesive strips instead of a bra for outfits with a plunging neckline, and Cindy Crawford’s stylist calls taping a “non-surgical breast lift”.

Taping is the application of specialized tapes with elastic fibers for the skin, the reverse side of which is covered with a hypoallergenic adhesive base. The cosmetic tape attaches to an area of ​​the body, fixing damaged muscles, joints, or ligaments.

What is body tape used for in sports?

What is body tape used for in sports?
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This method has a pronounced effect: they either restrict or provide movement in a certain position.

What is body tape used for?

  • Reduces painful sensations during sprains, joint injuries, and muscle cracks
  • It may stimulate tissue metabolism
  • It may reduce muscle spasms
  • Its possible that it may help to feel the relative position of body parts

Kinesio tapes are used in areas of local muscle hypertonicity or low blood pressure as a prolongation of the main therapy. This type of taping allows you to normalize the work of the muscles, gain control over movements and relieve pain.

In addition, The tape fixed to the body lifts the skin over the muscles and ligaments, creating additional space for an increase in the number of regenerating cells. Regenerating of damaged tissues activates.

Caution! Tapes are applied to healthy areas. A specialist will determine how long you should have the tape applied, mainly the period is from 3 to 5 days.

Should you resort to self-taping? We do not recommend it.

However, Only specialists who can show patients simple techniques as an exception or urgent need can correctly apply elastic strips.

After that, depending on the achievement of the desired effect, several types of tape cutting are distinguished:

Form I

Traditional solid tape is suitable for most techniques. It can have different widths and Fixation carries out near the joints or along with the muscles.


Acts in a targeted manner to relieve discomfort during sprains.

Forms Y and V

These are able to activate weakened or damaged muscles, stimulating their contraction.

III – Form

For instance, This variation is useful for combating edema and cellulite. This form can have a lymphatic drainage effect on the body.

What is cosmetic tape?

For the last 40 years, the cosmetic tape is used mainly by athletes to combat injuries.

Today cosmetologists and kinesiotherapists prove relief of facial muscle tension, smooth out wrinkles, and tighten the facial contours.

The advantages of the beauty method:

  • Restores facial architecture
  • Tightens the skin
  • Helps smooth wrinkles
  • Corrects minor asymmetry of facial contours
  • Eliminates puffiness

For instance, time use will not give results – use a minimum of 10-12 times. It is advisable to visit a kinesiotherapist in the first two sessions to learn the tapping technique. However, for your first time using this product, read the tips below on how to use cosmetic tape.

  • Clean and wipe the skin dry to prevent slipping of the tapes
  • Apply the tapes from bottom to top along the massage lines;
  • To increase their effectiveness, you need to rub the plasters for 3-4 minutes
  • Optimal wearing time – 3-8 hours
  • Do not go to bed with tapes on your face, otherwise, you risk stretching the skin
  • You cannot glue the tapes on the eyelids;
  • You need to remove the tapes with a leisurely movement from the bottom up, if necessary, moisten them with water, cream or oil.

In conclusion, today’s brands offer a wide selection of beauty tapes in different shades and patterns that look very trendy.

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