What is the difference between tonic, toner, lotion, hydrolat, and mist for your skin?

So the beauty industry has evolved so much in recent years even advanced beauty shoppers may get confused about the unveiling of specific beauty products. Let’s figure it out: what is a tonic, toner, lotion, hydrolat, and mist, what are their differences, and which of these is right for you?

What do they have in common?

Tonic, toner, hydrolat, lotion, and mist all belong to the same product group. United by two common goals:

  • Normalize the pH level after the previous stages of cleansing
  • Moisturize the skin

The tonic

Facial tonic is mainly used by Europeans and used at the final stage of cleansing. Providing a smooth transition from cleansing to moisturizing. Tonic has light blue, pink, or green shades of color which are associated with active auxiliary ingredients.

The toner

Toner is a Korean development and is found in Korean beauty care lines. However, Many people confuse tonic and toner due to the similarity of terms, but their properties are different. In Addition, The toner has a thicker consistency due to the presence of active ingredients.

The toner is used to nourish, brighten, cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate, and mattify the skin.

The hydrolat

Hydrolat is natural water derived by steam distillation of vegetable oils. Hydrolates are in great demand among fans of natural cosmetics which is gaining popularity. 

Thanks to the water base, the product does not remain on the surface of the face, it instantly absorbs and has the same effect as a similar essential oil, only in a form that is not allergic to the skin. However, the hydrolat can be used not only for your face but also for your body and hair.

The lotion

The word “lotion” comes from lat. “lotio” – washing, ablution, means that the main purpose of the lotion is cleansing. Lotions are made from alcohol, water, acidic, and even alkaline bases. However, Most often, we find hydroalcoholic ones, since they are aimed at combating all sorts of rashes, acne, and inflammatory elements.

The mist

Mist is a fairly new generation of sprays that belong to the category of multifunctional products. Their uniqueness lies in the spraying method. 

So When using the product, the face, body, and hair fall into a cloud of moisturizing haze, ensuring an even distribution of the active ingredients. Mists also are available in perfumed and shimmer.

Perhaps after this article, you will look at your beauty purchases in a different way!

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