Which Covid-19 Mask Should You Wear?

Wearing a mask is a widely debated topic worldwide, but many scientists agree that face masks can help to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, However this does depend on the mask quality.

1 in 3 people who have contracted the virus have no symptoms at all. So wearing a mask is still important.

A study by the National Academy of Sciences shows that wearing a mask reduces the virus transmission.

At the beginning of the pandemic the government advised the public not to purchase N95 or FFP2 Face Masks. They had advised that cloth masks were sufficient, but now with more undertsanding how the virus in transmitted. It is recommended to wear these medical grade masks.

Dr. Amir Khan says: If you are able to access N95 or FFP2 masks, you should wear one. But any face covering at all is better than none.

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When Buying N95/FFP2 it is crucial that the mask fits your face well. Aside from that, purchasing medical-grade masks is not as easy as it sounds. As there are a lot of counterfeit versions and not much regulation.

Any face covering is better than none at all, but if you are able to get medical grade masks and wear them properly, then these are the right ones for you.

Dr Amir Khan

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